Marine Logistics & Construction

Vessel Construction

With decades of experience in the design and construction of barges, deck barges, tugboats and houseboats, an outstanding facility with modern assembly equipment

Oil & Gas/Marine
Heavy Equipment Lease

We are involved in the leasing and selling all major brands of Heavy Equipment for the oil & gas/maritime industry. We supply all heavy equipment such as cranes, backhoes, barges, tugboats, dredgers, compactors, dozers and excavators.

Oil & Gas/Marine

With years of experience in providing world class logistics and freight forwarding services across the country, Sag-mik Oil Limited can handle all your transport needs, such as heavy haulage, vessel charters, inventory, heavy lift and offshore marine support.

Marine Equipment Lease

We provide a wide array of services, Providing a comprehensive inventory of quality tool and equipment rentals to the oil & gas/maritime industry 


We offer different types of barges for short term or long term lease conditions, deck barges and tank barges.


Lease tugboats of varying engine capacities for tow services, vessel or barge tow and offshore support

Swamp Buggy

We lease amphibious excavators for dredging, reclamation and other excavating jobs on swampy environments

Support Vessel

Sag-mik Oil Limited offers key offshore-support needs, including platform supply, emergency response and rescue, anchor handling tug supply, crew transfer and subsea support.

World Class Services

Sag-mik Oil Limited is a private owned company based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We operate a diverse fleet of purpose built offshore support vessels, which meet exceedingly high standards in safety and operational capabilities. 
Industrial Gas Supply


We supply oxygen for industrial gas welding & gas cutting.


We supply Acetylene for industrial welding and cutting


We supply propane gas used for fuel in heating & cooking

Argon Gas

We supply argon gas for industrial welding purposes in vessel construction.

About Us
Sag-Mik Oil Limited is an indigenous company in Nigeria that renders the following services: Leasing/construction of Marine vessels and equipment such as tugboats, barges, houseboats, dredgers, amphibious excavators (swamp buggies), payloaders, cranes, etc. We also supply industrial gases such as oxygen, acetylene, cooking gas or propane gas, etc. We also into pipeline construction and maintenance, supply of pipe fittings, steel plates and pipes, etc. Supply of sands and stones, bitumen, etc. Supply of professional welders and fitters, etc. We also render dredging services, road construction


Welding Gases.

As industrial welding gas suppliers we offer Oxygen, Argon for TIG welding, Nitrogen, Helium and 5% or 20% Co2/Argon mix for MIG welding. Other gas mixes may be made available subject to demand.


Our Certified Welding Technicians are able to perform flawless welds on any metal, in all positions, and at any location. Brazing and Soldering of Varied Metals and High Tolerance Mechanical Components and Assemblies.

Heavy Equipment

We constantly stay abreast of the current prices of used heavy equipment to stay as competitive in the Heavy Equipment Industry as possible. We base our equipment appraisals on the current condition and the current market price of each piece of equipment.


Lease cranes of various sizes for construction and lifting purposes, our cranes range from 10T to 500T


Lease excavators for excavation purposes


Lease dredger for land reclamation, sand dumps , construction and other dredging purposes

House Boats

We lease and build houseboats for the offshore oil servicing industry, our houseboats are fitted with modern facilities.

Wheel Loaders

We lease payloders of various capacities


We lease graders for road construction purposes